At Bermuda Medical Specialties Group we use a model of care which is focused on the patient rather than the doctor and is focused on being proactive rather than reactive. We believe in individualized care tailored to meet each patient’s specific situation and take the time for thorough conversations and evaluations to fully understand your unique needs and preferences.

We believe you deserve expert opinions with honest and clear diagnosis, given in simple and easy to understand ways. We believe in the use of innovation and advanced technology to reduce gaps in care, the need for hospital stays and avoidable trips overseas. With over 20 doctors and over 10 diagnostic and testing modalities we have built an ultra-modern large clinic to deliver a high-quality, exceptional healthcare experience.  We’re providing diagnostics previously unavailable in Bermuda meaning avoidable trips overseas.

We’re open and accepting new patients and referrals so feel free to stop by to take a tour and see for yourself.

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