New Medical Clinic Set To Open In Hamilton

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group [BMSG] will be opening a new medical practice on Reid Street in Hamilton, with the 6,500 sq feet facility featuring 9 exam rooms, 4 diagnostic rooms, an infusion/blood donation suite and a procedure room; and the business — co-founded by Dr. Arlene Basden and businessman Marico Thomas — is planning to employ over 20 people and commence seeing patients in March.

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group [BMSG] said they are a “new medical practice whose mission is to provide comprehensive, coordinated medical care to improve chronic diseases affecting the residents and visitors in Bermuda.

“BMSG is a polyclinic – a large healthcare center able to provide a wide range services. BMSG will many medical subspecialties under one roof. These include cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, dermatology, and dietary,” they said.

“The team of physicians will focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic medical diseases with an emphasis on prevention and screening. The specialist and general physicians are supported by nurses, medical technicians, medical assistants, allied health professionals and administrative personnel.

“BMSG offers a different approach to medicine and healthcare. They dared to ask – “What do people in Bermuda need, and want for their healthcare?” They asked doctors and nurses, insurance companies, hospital personnel and most importantly – patients, their support, and their family members.

“BMSG consulted with persons and organizations that lead healthcare in and outside of Bermuda. In collaboration with others, BMSG has designed a comprehensive health program using tools, talent, and techniques that will benefit our community.

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