• BMSG Food

With BMSG Food we want to set you on a path to successful weight management through your diet. We’ve added an extensive range of low-carb meal starters and convenience packs that provide control, versatility and variety for your meal times.

Our range of weight management foods can easily be incorporated into your daily diet and include soups, seasoning for fish and pork dishes and pastas. Call into us on 5 Reid Street, across from HSBC, to view our entire range with buy one get one free on select items while stocks last.

Chocolate Wafers


Vanilla Wafers


California Dreaming Strawberry Smoothie

Cals: 50 | Prot: 0g | Net CHO: 6g


Cheese & Chive Egg Scramble Egg Mix


Fluffy Nutter Protein Bars


Proti Chips Sea Salt & Vinegar