Lahey To Provide Medical Services At BMSG

The Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is to provide medical services to patients of the Bermuda Medical Specialties Group, following an agreement between the two medical practices.

The agreement calls for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center physicians to visit Bermuda Medical Specialties Group regularly in support of specialist physician services at their facilities on Reid St, Hamilton.

“The goal at BMSG is to provide access to international-level medical services here, on-island in Bermuda while aiming to reduce costs and improve outcomes,” says Dr. Arlene Basden, Medical Director at BMSG.

“We started first with Dr Peter Schwartz [Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon], Body Plethysmography [the gold standard for lung and breathing issues], and are about to launch our non-invasive Vascular Lab [identification of circulation disease which will lead to reduction in amputations],” added Dr. Basden.

“Today, we are pleased to announce an agreement with Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. Lahey is no stranger to Bermuda,” says Dr. Basden.

“Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has been a member of the Bermuda healthcare community for over two decades, providing high quality care to the people of Bermuda. Our new agreement with Lahey represents our commitment to ensuring that an even wider range of affordable, high quality care is readily available in Bermuda without patients having to incur the costs and stress of traveling overseas,” says Dr. Basden.

The Lahey physicians will include:

Dr. Garcia Banigan [Endocrinology] with special interest in Diabetes, Bone Disease, Thyroid Disorders and Sexual Function
Dr. Michael Levy [Cardiology and Vascular Medicine]
Dr. John Saryan [Allergy & Immunology with a special interest in Asthma, Food Allergy and Pediatric Allergy]
Dr. Adam Smith [Pulmonology and Critical Care]
Dr. Daniel Fitelson, M.D. [Pulmonary & Critical Care]
Dr. Diana Apetauerova [Neurology with special interest in Movement Disorders, such as Parkinson’s Disease]
Dr. Ann Camac [Neurology with special interest in Headaches and Multiple Sclerosis]
Dr. Daniel Vardeh [General Neurology and Pain Management]
Dr. Michael Pincus [Rheumatology with special interest in Sarcoidosis, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis]
Dr. Richard Zangara [General Rheumatology]
“Lahey Hospital & Medical Center has chosen to partner with Bermuda Medical Specialties Group to help us provide high-quality specialty care on the island. BMSG’s state of the art facilities provide the ideal setting for the people of Bermuda to receive care from our world-renowned physicians, “Says, Dr. Richard Nesto, Interim CEO, Chief Medical Officer Lahey Health.

BMSG currently provides a range of primary care, specialist, and subspecialist services including cardiology, neurology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, asthma, allergy, cosmetic plastic surgery and nutrition. BMSG also provides diagnostic and testing services for each specialty.

Bermuda Medical Specialties Group is accepting patient appointments, referrals and walk-ins at its office, located at 3 Reid Street, Hamilton, 3rd Floor, adjacent to the Phoenix Centre. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.